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Alaska Coastal Expeditions

Your Source For Seeing What Alaska Truly Has To Offer


For an adventure of a lifetime, travelers from all over the world choose Alaska Coastal Expeditions in Sitka, Alaska. With its remarkable landscapes, unique wildlife, and bountiful fishing locations, we have yet to meet travelers who leave Sitka Alaska without lasting memories.

Alaska Coastal Expeditions will take you to the protected waters surrounding Sitka offering an enormous amount of opportunity for groups or individuals seeking an exclusive, tailor-made Southeast Alaskan adventure.


While most choose to incorporate fishing into their day on the water, with many opting for sightseeing also, the point we stress to our guests is this; it’s your family, it’s your day, and it’s your story to tell. Whether you’d like to explore a remote beach or enjoy a personalized sightseeing trip to the local hot springs, we enjoy raising your expectations as we plan your Alaskan adventure with you.



We try our best to tailor our trips to satisfy your groups needs. Including catering to your style of fishing whether that be trolling, mooching, jigging, etc. We also will focus on one species all day, if a real trophy is your desire. If sea sickness is a concern we will keep you on inside protected waters. We can accommodate half day fishing followed by half day sightseeing. Give us a call we would love to help you customize your trip.


What will I catch while fishing?

Sitka offers world class salmon fishing, offering all 5 species of pacific salmon. Salmon start to migrate to the fertile waters of Sitka in early spring and remain thru mid September. King Salmon are the first to show up and are the largest salmon species. King Salmon fishing peak mid to late June. Moving in to July other species will begin to become the predominant catch including pinks, chums, small amounts of coho, and a few kings still hanging around. By August the Coho fishing dominates thru the end of season. Sitka also offers a variety of bottom fishing species. We target lingcod and rockfish with both being available all season.

When should I go fishing in Sitka?

You should plan your trip depending on what it is you want to catch:

  • King Salmon are available year round but are most abundant from May through mid-July.

  • Silvers are available from early July through September.

  • Pinks are available from early July through mid-August.

  • The Lingcod season is Mid-May right through to September.

  • Rockfish are available year round

No matter what it is, you’re after the warmer months tend to yield the most success, which is great because you also get to enjoy the better weather.

Why go fishing in Sitka Alaska  with us!

We focus on satisfying you and your groups expectations. Your safety is our number one concern.

We use quality equipment and keep it maintained.

Being on the water every single day we keep up on where the latest bite is happening.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we will show you the ropes and reveal all our tips so that you can maximize your results while fishing in Sitka. We have something for everyone.

Offering a wide range of options available that will accommodate you if you want to catch salmon, bottom fish, charter a boat or make a fishing trip part of your cruise.

Enjoy yourself.

Last but not least, the most important step when taking a Alaska Expedition is to enjoy yourself!

With beautiful scenery, amazing people, and most of all, great fishing you are in for a treat.

If you would be interested in joining us out on the water, be sure to contact us for more information. We would be more than happy to talk you through our different services to ensure you can have the perfect Alaskan experience.

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Don’t Take Our Word For How Great An Experience It Is…

We had a wonderful day – After we caught our limit of Lingcod, and Rockfish  – He took us for Salmon! Worth the price. Glad we booked them.


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